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Don't let distance or location prevent you from getting the help and support you need.

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30 Days of Affirmation

About Stride Wellness

Stride Wellness provides online courses and health and wellness products. Michelle has a Master of Education in Counselling and a passion for helping and supporting others in reaching their wellness goals.


Although Stride Wellness is based out of Kamloops, BC, the intention is to use technological resources in a safe and secure manner to reach those across Canada and International markets. 

Course Creator

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Michelle Onyango

MEd. in Counselling, RCC

About Stride
Our Services


Online Courses


Similar to a workshop but presented online in a course format with  videos, audio files, downloadable resources and an online support community. 

Online Resource Packages

Michelle carefully curates health and wellness related resource packages for purchase. These are excellent educational tools or supplemental resources for your self-improvement journey.


Checklists, workbooks, reading resources,  audio files, and videos are grouped together on a variety of topics. 

Inquire at info@stridewellness for additional details. 

Affirmation Cards


This is a special offering Michelle has lovingly created with her sister, Danielle. Danielle designed the cards and Michelle provides

30 Powerful Affirmations to support people in changing their negative self-talk to a more empowered and kind inner voice. 

Randomly pick through the deck or work through them in order.

The beautiful watercolour background makes it perfect to stick on your mirror, fridge or desk. 

You can purchase them through our Etsy shop.


Contact Information

Kamloops, BC, Canada


Monday – Friday  08:30 – 19:00 PST

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