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Affirmation cards

Learn how to create your own powerful affirmation to write on the blank card in the

30 Days of Affirmation deck. 



Identify an Area of Change

Do you have negative self-talk? Is there something you wish you could improve? Take a minute to identify an area you would like to change. It may relate to body image, a personality characteristic, or an area of competency. Example: I am useless.



Here's where the magic happens! On a scrap piece of paper, write a few statements that contradict what you came up with, in 01. It's okay if they don't feel true. 

Affirmation 1.jpg


Negative, Neutral, Positive

Pro Tip: You can start off with neutral statements if identifying positive statements is difficult.

Negative: I am useless

Neutral: I am not defined by my productivity

Positive: I am useful and valuable


I am...

The final step is to write your statement on the "I am" card. 

Congratulations! You've create a personalized affirmation to help you overcome negative self-talk and/or a negative mindset. 

I am.jpg



Take a picture of your completed affirmation card and share it on Instagram. Be sure to tag @stridewellness

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