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Harness Your Willpower

Are your goals becoming a slog 10 days in? Are you ready to give up and go back to the old you?

Join me for a FREE live webinar and learn the simple steps to push through barriers and achieve your goals.

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sessions are about 45 mins + extra time for Q&A

About the Host

Michelle Onyango
On Twitter at: @wellnessstride

Michelle is a counsellor at Stride Wellness. She has a Master of Education in Counselling and a passion to help people reach their life goals.

Can anyone attend the webinar?
What if I miss the live webinar?

Yes! This is a free webinar available to anyone, whether you're currently working on a specific goal or you're just getting ready to set a goal.

If you sign up and then miss the live webinar you will recieve an email with the replay. 

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely. The best part about delivering the webinar live is that it's interactive. Plus, I have set aside time for questions.  

I've never been on a webinar, do I need to be technologically savvy?

Not at all. A link will be sent to you and all you need to do is open it shortly before the webinar begins. 

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