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Self-Help Resources

Self-Help Resources

My clients often ask me for resources they can use on their own. I’ve created this page so you have access to scripts, checklists, workbooks, guides and other printables. I'll continually add resources so make sure you bookmark the page!

SMART Goal Blueprint

Setting goals doesn't have to be difficult. Follow this simple Blueprint to set goals the right way! Be SMART about your goal setting and grab your freebie below. 

Goal Setting Booster

The companion guide to the SMART Goal Blueprint will help you get the most out of your goal setting by harnessing your willpower and creating the right habits.

Counsellor Checklist

Picking a counsellor can be hard. Take the guess work out of selecting the right person for you by using the counsellor checklist.

Champagne Moment

The Champagne Moment is a fun and engaging activity to explore with an accountability partner. It's a great way to set an audacious goal and reward yourself when you achieve it!

Overcoming Loneliness

Loneliness has serious consequences to both our physical and mental health. Read up on some easy and actionable ways to overcome loneliness and connect with your community. 

Creating Balance

Balance isn't about achieving perfection in all aspects of life, it's about finding satisfaction in those areas. This activity takes only minutes to help identify where to focus in creating balance.

The Four Part Apology

There's more to apologizing than saying, "I'm sorry." Learn to apologize the right way so you can mend fences and heal hurt in your relationships. 

Body Scan

A quick way to achieve mindfulness and relaxation is by doing a body scan. Follow this script while you're learning. 

Thought Pattern Checklist

Changing negative thought patterns is more than trying to stop thinking negative things! First, we need to identify which negative thought patterns we're engaging in. 

Cognitive Restructing

There's a step-by-step process you can follow to change your thought pattern from negative to positive and the 10 steps are laid out in this workbook. 

65 Family Summer Activities

Are you looking for some fun family friendly activities you can do this summer? Look no further! We have 65 tried and tested things you can try with your family today.

65 Summer Family Activities.png

Learn Where Highly Effective People Spend Their Time

Constantly putting out fires? Spending too much time recovering from the overwhelm of work and life? Identify which quadrants are your norm and transition to another quadrant for a more peaceful existence. 

Important-Urgent Quadrant.png
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