65 Summer Family Activities

Summer is here!

That means no more school lunches and a lot more fun in the sun. For all the parents out there, it also means quite a bit more, “I’m bored!” Although I’m not a proponent of constantly entertaining my children, I thought I'd come up with a list of fun summer family activities.

My 9 year old son and I made this list on a drive to visit grandma for Canada Day. Kids are more likely to buy into things when they have input and it helps to pass a three hour car ride!

In no particular order, here are 65 things to do over summer vacation:

  1. Have a BBQ. I don’t know about you but everything tastes better on a BBQ. Plus, the oven leaves the house feeling especially hot over the summer months. Invite your child(ren) to assist in meal planning and preparation. BBQ’s are also a great excuse to get together with friends and family.